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Direct access from Haneda Airport to Tokyo 3h Plan

Tokyo sightseeing from the window! Please enjoy a leisure trip to see the townscapes of Tokyo by tax

This plan is the tourist taxi connecting from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station directly. You can enjoy seeing the sightseeing spots such as the Imperial Palace, Asakusa, Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba from the window along the way while traveling. You do not have to bring luggage traveling by taxi. In addition, no need to transfer to visit sightseeing spots! Recommendable for first-time visitors to Tokyo since passengers can visit famous sightseeing spots in 4 hours.

Departure from Haneda Airport==Rainbow Bridge==Odaiba==Toyosu==Suitengu==Ryogoku==Asakusa==Akihabara==Tokyo Dome==Imperial Palace==Shinjuku Gyoen==Arrival at Tokyo Station

3,735yen per person for a group of 4 people

From Tokyo Station to Haneda Airport
From Narita Airport to Tokyo Station
From Tokyo Station to Narita Airport

6:00-9:00 3 hours plan
7:00-10:00 3 hours plan
8:00-11:00 3 hours plan
9:00-12:00 3 hours plan
10:00-13:00 3 hours plan
11:00-14:00 3 hours plan
12:00-15:00 3 hours plan
13:00-16:00 3 hours plan
14:00-17:00 3 hours plan
15:00-18:00 3 hours plan
16:00-19:00 3 hours plan
17:00-20:00 3 hours plan
18:00-21:00 3 hours plan
19:00-22:00 3 hours plan
20:00-23:00 3 hours plan
21:00-24:00 3 hours plan
22:00-25:00 3 hours plan
Sales period
Meeting spot
Please wait at the arrival gate of Haneda Airport. The diver will pick you up.MAP
Arrangement company
Hitachi Car Transport Co., Ltd.
※The taxi company will contact and ask you the plan after booking. The driver will be waiting for you with a welcome board at the arrival gate exit.
※This plan does not include the fee of meals and admission. Please burden any additional fee at your expense.
※It could be very crowded on Sundays, National holidays and long weekend. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
※Applicable number:1-4 people per reservation (per taxi)
※This plan will be arranged by WILLER, Inc (Tourism Agency Registered Travel Agent No. 2030). Please check the travel terms and conditions before applying.
※The operating company is Hitachi motor transportation No.2 co.,Ltd..

The assembly spot is Haneda Airport!

【Tokyo sightseeing from the window (Rainbow Bridge)】
Rainbow bridge which draws soft curve, is familiar to many people as a tourist attraction in Tokyo. Although it is possible to cross the bridge by walk, the scenery and night view of Tokyo Bay which can be seen while crossing the bridge by car are impressive!

【Tokyo sightseeing from the window (Ryogoku)】
There is Ryogoku Kokugikan that is famous as the sacred spot of Sumo. Other than that, many of remains of famous historical figures' residences are in this area.

【Tokyo sightseeing from the window (Asakusa)】
You can enjoy the downtown atmosphere while seeing Kaminarimon Gate, Tokyo Skytree and the townscape of Asakusa.

【Tokyo sightseeing from the window (Imperial Palace)】
One of the tourist attractions in Tokyo! The old Edo castle is around it, and its aquatic environment is praised due to the moats. The characteristics of the Imperial Palace are that there are many of the center roles of Japan such as the government and transportation.

【Tokyo Station】
Finally, the taxi takes you to Tokyo Station.


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