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Apple Pie Conceirge. Journey with Apple Pie Taxi

Savoring apple pie from Hirosaki, Aomori - Japan's No.1 apple production region!

As there are more than 50 different pie shops just in Hirosaki, even apple pie enthusiasts need a guide book just to navigate.With so many apple pie varieties on offering, it can be challenging just to have a faithful encounter with the destined one.However, the apple pie conceirge "Sakura Komachi" on Apple Pie Taxi will adeptly ease you through the process. With such thorough understanding of apple pie, the "Sakura Komachi" will introduce you to the apple pie of your dream. Please embrace the soul of Hirosaki apple pie with all your heart!

30-minute course: 2,400 JPY/taxi
60-minute course: 4,000 JPY/taxi
90-minute course: 5,600 JPY/taxi
120-minute course: 7,200 JPY/taxi

An example of a 60-minute itinerary:
Hirosaki Station 9:00 (depart) -- First apple pie shop (around 20 mins) -- Second apple pie shop (around 20 mins) -- Hirosaki Station 10:00 (return)

1,000yen per person for a group of 4 people

9:00-9:30 30min plan
9:00-10:00 60min plan
9:00-10:30 90min plan
9:00-11:00 120min plan
12:00-12:30 30min plan
12:00-13:00 60min plan
12:00-13:30 90min plan
12:00-14:00 120min plan
14:00-14:30 30min plan
14:00-15:00 60min plan
14:00-15:30 90min plan
14:00-16:00 120min plan
Sales period
Meeting spot
Hirosaki StationMAP
Arrangement company
Hokusei Kotsu Co.,Ltd.
*Make sure to assemble at least 10 mins before departure.
*The driver will hold a white board with your name.
*Entrance fee & meal fee is not included. Please make a payment by yourself at each establishment.
*Please note that the shops can be crowded on weekends and holidays.
*Maximum number: 4 people per taxi

Gather in front of Hirosaki Station. The taxi will feature a prominent apple pie on top. Let the apple pie conceirge "Sakura Komachi" delight you through your journey.

"Angelique" boasts a crispy pie with exquisite apple jam fillings and sumptious Fuji/Kougyoku apple slice toppings - quite a feat for the eyes and the soul. The fragrant caramelized crust with its crunchy texture is just irresistable. There is a fancy dining space on the second floor as well.

"Patisserie Yamazaki" offers an unique pie & cream sweet made from the famous apple tree that appeared in 2013 movie "The Miracle of Apple" (Kiseki no Ringo). Blending in chewy apple skin, this pie maintains the pefect balance between sweetness of cream and acidity of apple.

"Bonjour" won the heart of the people as first place in the 2017 apple pie contest! Prevailing like a little miss sunshine at the center of the pie, the apple is boiled down until it is soft and just a tad sour. With its alluring apple aroma tinkled with vanilla extract, it is no secret: children just love this treat.

"Taruma Farm" is a trademark of Tamura Farm which commits to grow Benitama apples on their own. The ruby-colored apple slices peeking from the under the pie is cute beyond imagination. The gentle sweetness and the crispy crust all contribute to a rustic flavor that can only be matched by English tea. This apple pie will definitely bring out your nostalgia about Japan in the Taisho era (1912-1926).

"Le Castle Factory" thrives on trusted in-house pie baked with the acclaimed Fuji apples. Inside the majestic atmosphere of a restaurant hotel, you can savor the moment the knife tenderly slices through the crispy pie to reveal the seductive butter aroma. This glorious apple pie is the product of one of the most traditional and distinguished hotels in Hirosaki.


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