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Hyogo Activity/Experience/Leisure canoe

Okukinosaki's Sea Kayaking w/Lunch and Hot Springs

Enjoy Sea Kayaking in the Clear Waters of Takeno!

It does not matter if you have little confidence in your physical strength, paddle at your own pace without worries! Go around the designated San'in Kaigan Geopark's beautiful Takeno coast by sea kayak.

Meet in the hotel’s lobby at 10 am. Please wear clothes for sea kayaking. This course runs along the Nekozaki Peninsula and takes about 2 hours. After sea kayaking has finished, take a bath, and have a seafood rice bowl for lunch. This plan allows use of the parking lot until 2:30 pm.

Prices do not differ between Adults and Children. Those from the 4th grade of elementary school and older can participate in sea kayaking. 1st to 3rd grade elementary students can participate if the meet certain conditions written further below.

Okukinosaki's Sea Kayaking w/Lunch and Hot Springs
Sales period
Meeting spot
Okukinosaki Seaside HotelMAP
Retailer・Organizing company
p.p JPY 6,480 (tax included)~
 10:00      Meet in Lobby of Okukinosaki Seaside Hotel
 10:00~10:15  Sea Kayaking Briefing
 10:15~12:15 Sea Kayaking Activity
 12:15~13:00  Lunch at the Hotel (Seafood Rice Bowl)
 13:00~14:00  Hot Springs at the Hotel

○Regarding Clothing○
Please wear clothing that is easy to move in and that you do not mind getting wet. Prepare an extra change of clothes as well. Please wear footwear such as water shoes. Crocs, beach sandals, and such are not permitted. Please wear a hat because it is very easy to get a sunburn on the water. We also recommend that you wear sunglasses.

○Regarding Elementary School Students from grade 1 to 3○
It is possible to participate in the sea kayaking activity but they must ride tandem with a guardian who must be with them at all times. The course starts in front of the hotel within the breakwater.

Kayak along the Takeno coast.

Nekozaki peninsula found in the distance.

A view of Takeno beach.

Enjoy a seafood rice bowl for lunch.

Meet in the lobby of Okukinosaki Seaside Hotel at 10 am.

Use the hotel hot spring afterwards.


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