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Hyogo Activity/Experience/Leisure canoe cooking

Mother Earth's Sea Kayaking Adventure with BBQ Set

Kayak on crystal-clear waters in the Sea of Japan and explore the coastline! Finish up with a BBQ!!!

Sea Kayaking, known locally as Geo-canoe, is a popular activity in the seaside town of Takeno. Paddle out into the Sea of Japan and explore the coastline. Later on, have a delicious BBQ near the sea (Menu: Caprese salad, Japanese beef, Yoka pork spareribs, crab, seafood, locally grown vegetables, rice balls, dessert).

Course Flow (Approx 3.5 hours)
1)Arrive at beach after being picked up from JR Takeno Station
2)Sign insurance form
3)Change clothes and purchase rentals if needed
4)Choose a boat
5)Warm-up and paddling practices
6)Practice in the water
7)Go out to the wave breakers
8)Head over to Monster Cave
9)If there is time left, paddle to another location
10)Head back to the beach
11)Move locations and have a BBQ near the sea

-In the case of bad weather, the activity may be cancelled
-Accident insurance, life jacket, sports drink, picture taking will be provided
-Due to sudden weather changes, the BBQ may take place inside the inn, Uminone.

0830h Course
1100h Course
Sales period
Meeting spot
JR Takeno Station (One stop from JR Kinosaki Onsen Station)MAP
Retailer・Organizing company
1) Meeting Place:Outside of JR Takeno Station
-A car from the sea kayak company will come to pick you up. Arrive at the station before your course start time. Please do not be late!

2) Activity Fees
  11,900 JPY per person
  *Minimum 2 people needed to make reservation

3) Age Requirement
9 years or older

4) Rental Fees (not included in activity fees)
100 yen per Item - Sunglasses band, Gloves
300 yen per Item - Hat・Shoes・Surf jersey・Surf pants・Short・Leggings
1000 yen - All Above Items Set

5) Required Items (Sea Kayaking is not permitted without these items)
-Sneakers, deck shoes or crocs are OK! No socks or flip-flops!
-A hat with a brim and string is preferable. A baseball cap is OK.

6) Recommended Items
Sunscreen lotion, Sunglasses, Gloves

7) Cancellations Fees
100% - The day of the activity

Choose from many kayaks before you head off on your adventure.

The legend behind Monster Cave goes as follows. There once was an ogre who came to the coast and saw a part of it that he wanted to take back to his birthplace. So, he took his staff and smashed out a piece of the coastline. The Sea God was not happy when he saw what the ogre had done. So, he dragged the ogre out into the sea as punishment. Nowadays, you can still see the fallen rocks near the cave where the ogre tried to steal a piece of the coast for himself.

Have a delicious BBQ near the sea after kayaking. Menu includes Caprese salad, Japanese beef, Yoka pork spareribs, crab, seafood, locally grown vegetables, rice balls, and dessert.
*Slight changes to the menu may occur.

Outdoor dining area near the sea.


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