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Izushi Kimono Rental

Izushi is a great town for wearing a kimono, so come stroll through this picturesque town!

Let's change into kimono and thus explore the town of Izushi in a different way!
Let's change into kimono and thus explore the town of Izushi in a different way!
●Choose from about 170 kimonos for your favorite.
●The rental fee includes kimono, Japanese sandals, and assistance in getting dressed in the kimono.
●This kimono rental activity provides discounts for various goods and attraction admissions. (Please check on-site for details)

Izushi Kimono Rental
Sales period
Meeting spot
104-7 Uchimachi, Izushi-cho, Toyooka-shiMAP
Retailer・Organizing company
p.p JPY 3,000 (tax included)~
~Izushi Kimono Rental Activity Flow~
1. Please come to Okigaedokoro Mu (お着替え処 無). Once there, you can choose your favorite kimono to wear.
2. The staff member in charge will help you get dressed in your chosen kimono.
3. You can go out for a stroll through Izushi. We will hold onto your belongings at Okigaedokoro Mu (お着替え処 無).
4. Please return to Okigaedokoro Mu (お着替え処 無) within 3 hours from when you finished getting dressed. The staff member in charge will assist you in changing clothes.
*If you wish, you can upgrade your kimono by choosing a more exquisite, traditional kimono (additional fee required).
*There is no restroom in Okigaedokoro Mu (お着替え処 無). Please visit a public restroom nearby in advance.
(Note 1) Okigaedokoro Mu (お着替え処 無) Reception Hours: 10 am~2 pm (Kimono Return until 5 pm)
(Note 2) Closed on 11/25, 12/31, and 1/1.

Izushi's symbol "Shinkoro". In the 4th year of the Meiji Era (1871), the clock tower’s base was constructed beside the gate of Sannomaru. By the 14th year of the Meiji Era (1881), the citizens of Izushi became accustomed to their new clock tower, and the now third generation clock tower still ticks away.

One fun thing to do while strolling around Izushi is shopping.
You will surely find your favorite souvenir there!

You can also rent an umbrella and accessories that match your kimono! (Included in rental price)

Izushi is filled with photogenic spots!
Choose your favorite spots in town to take photos while in kimono.

Izushi’s specialty “Sara Soba”.
Make fond memories by eating Izushi Sara Soba while wearing a beautiful kimono.

A staff member can help you put on the kimono!


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