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Toyooka Excursion Plan

Visit and Learn about the Genbudo Rock Formation and the Oriental White Storks

Visit Genbudo rock formation, the homeland of the Oriental White Stork and Kaban street on this tour of Toyooka.
While listening about the establishment of these tourist attractions, learn about the history and the culture of Toyooka.
Enjoy a pasta lunch that was prepared using locally grown vegetables.

*Japanese to English language assistance will be provided throughout the tour.

Toyooka Excursion Plan
Sales period
Meeting spot
SOZORO Kinosaki Onsen Tourist Information CenterMAP
Retailer・Organizing company
1.Meeting Place:In front of Kinosaki Onsen Station at Tourist Information Center SOZORO

2.Meeting Time:9:15

3.Schedule 9:30 Departure
   9:50~10:50 Tour at Genbudo Rock Formation Park
   11:05~12:00 Tour of the Homeland of the Oriental White Stork
   12:15~13:15 Lunch @ Wolf Diner
   13:30~14:30 Tour and Shopping on Kaban Street
   15:00 Arrival in front of JR Kinosaki Onsen Station

4.Tour Fees
  Groups of 4 (8,000 JPY per person)
  Groups of 3 (9,000 JPY per person)
  Groups of 2 (10,800 JPY per person)

Please wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes.

The Genbudo Rock Formation was formed about 1,600,000 years ago by magma flow from an active volcano. When the magma cooled down and solidified, it produced systematic crevices and formed joints in the shapes of pillars.

The Homeland of the Oriental White Stork is a habitat for the nationally protected species and Hyogo's Prefectural bird, the Oriental White Stork. Its purpose is to protect and increase the numbers of birds while reintroducing them into the wild.

This is a great opportunity to see the Oriental White Stork up close.


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