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Forest Adventure OkuKANNABE (Special Group Price)

Complete an Obstacle Course in the Trees of Kannabe Highlands! (Price for Groups of 8 or More Only)

Forest Adventure OkuKANNABE which opened in June 2016 is an outdoor obstacle course in the trees. Traverse obstacles, zip line, and swing on the Tarzan rope all while in a scenic forest. In the trees, you will have control of your own safety equipment, making it more fun and engaging. The course takes about 2 hours to complete.

Take a city bus from Ebara Station to the bus stop, Kannabe-Onsen-Yutorogi-Mae (神鍋温泉ゆとろぎ前). We will organize for Forest Adventure OkuKANNABE staff to pick you up from the entrance to the roadside station, Kannabe-Onsen-Yutorogi.

Additional Notes
Please arrive 30 minutes before your requested start time.
Participants must read and sign our Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer Form.
Participants must follow our safety rules and staff members.
Do not consume alcohol or medications before and during the activity.
Sandals and slip-on shoes are not permitted.
The activity may be cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

0900h Course
0930h Course
1000h Course
1030h Course
1100h Course
1130h Course
1200h Course
1230h Course
1300h Course
1330h Course
1400h Course
1430h Course
1500h Course
Sales period
Meeting spot
Roadside Station Yutorogi OnsenMAP
Retailer・Organizing company
Adult p.p JPY 3,300 (tax included)~
1) Meeting Place
The entrance to the roadside station, Kannabe-Onsen-Yutorogi.

2) Activity Fees (Price for Groups of 8 or more participants only)
Adult (18 years old and up) 3,300 JPY
Child (10 to 17 years old) 2,300 JPY

3) Extra Fees*
Guide Pack 5,200 JPY
*This fee is required when an adult is not present to supervise children (10 to 17 years old). Requests for the guide pack can be made after making a reservation.

4) Height/Weight/Age Requirements
Minimum height: 140 cm
Maximum weight: 130 kg
Age: 10 years of age and older. Anyone below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a participating adult. 1 adult can go with maximum 2 kids.

5) Cancellations Fees
100% - The day of the activity

Enjoy the view with friends and family high up in the trees.

Zip line through the forest and work your way across obstacles to reach the finish line.

Reception is found inside this building. A restaurant, coin lockers and washrooms are also available for use.

Order a freshly baked pizza and drinks in the restaurant next to reception.


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Cancellation fee (per person)

After the date of Activity/Experience/Leisure (On and after the date listed above) 100%